Week 39 Monday


Today’s scripture selection: Numbers 25-29

Key verses: Numbers 27:15-23

Read the Old Testament – especially the passages about the “wilderness wanderings” of the Israelites – and one thing becomes very clear.  They knew all about wandering; not just physically, but spiritually as well.

They frequently wandered off course – turning to other gods; other passions; other loyalties.

And, time and again, Moses or other spiritual leaders would be the ones to call them back again to faithfulness.

Such was the case where it is recorded that Moses appealed to God to appoint another leader, after he was gone, so that the people would not be “like sheep without a shepherd.”

That appointed leader was Joshua who, with divine guidance, became a very good “shepherd” indeed.

We too can easily wander spiritually.

We need to be called back often to prayer; to study; to service.

And God is still faithful – to watch over us and lead us home to Him again and again.

No wonder then Jesus called himself the “good Shepherd.”

Wandering is a serious offense, with very real consequences.

But thankfully, God cares enough to provide shepherds who care and lead us where we should go.

Are they perfect?  No.  But, with God’s help, they lead us home.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for providing spiritual guides for us.  May we be willing to follow those who prove worthy of your calling.  AMEN.

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