Week 40 Tuesday

Faithful Always

Today’s scripture selection: Second Chronicles 11-15

Key verse: Second Chronicles 12:1

“After Rehoboam’s position as king was established and he had become strong, he and all Israel with him abandoned the law of the LORD.”

There are many stories of those who abandoned their faith in tough times.  There are plenty of accounts of those who, when the chips were down, decided that what the Scriptures say couldn’t be true.

But, unfortunately, there are also plenty of instances of people who abandoned God’s way when things were going their way.

You might think that prosperity would be readily seen as an answer to prayer; or success seen as a validation that one was traveling the right path spiritually.  But, human nature what it is, the temptation is too strong to move in another direction of thought.

What is that temptation?  It’s to think we “did it” all on our own.

Maybe it all comes down to simple pride.

But many times those who have done well following God’s way – at some point in their success – fall away just as quickly.  That’s what happened to a king named Rehoboam.

Difficulty can remind us of our need for God.

But when things go especially well – that’s a time when we should especially guard our faith in and attitude towards God.

What’s the opposite of pride?  A little healthy, spiritual humility.

Remember to give thanks when your prayers are answered; when living according to the precepts of your faith results in a good, serene, happy life.  Remember to be “faithful always” – not just in those times when you know, without question, you need God’s helpful intervention.

After all, isn’t that all the time?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, may I always remember my dependency on your will and your way for my life.  And may I always be quick to give you the honor and the glory.  AMEN.



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