Week 41 Sunday

Knowing Who Is Boss

Today’s scripture selection: Acts 5-6

Key Verse: Acts 5:29

He was just an orderly – and not very high up on the “pecking order” in terms of staff organization.

So when a Doctor, who was in a very foul mood, and who wanted to throw his weight around, wanted to find an easy target upon which to unleash his totally unreasonable fury – the young orderly was just the one.

The Doctor yelled; the orderly calmly listened.  The “boss” bellowed; the orderly smiled submissively then, when all the sound and fury was ended, went calmly about his business.

Later, when some of us who had witnessed the unjust attack tried to express our concern to the young man – he had a ready answer which I will always remember.

Smiling, and pointing upward to heaven, He said, “It’s OK.  I know who my Boss is – and He’s not that Doctor.”

Wow. I wish I could so easily remember that, and so quickly draw on that kind of faith and strength, when I feel the “world” is out to get little old me.

Peter and the other apostles clearly had it.

When thrown in jail by those who wanted to shut them up and stop their meddlesome preaching – an angel came and sent them out with their marching orders.  Later, when confronted again and told “We gave you strict orders not to teach in this name,” that is – the name of Jesus – Peter had a quick, calm, steady reply:

“We must obey God rather than human beings!”

And he and the others went right on preaching.

When you have that kind of rock solid sense of who your “Boss” is – there isn’t anything that can stop you.

And even though Peter, and the others, were eventually martyred for their faith – their message lives on – just as they live on in God’s heavenly kingdom.

So, know your Boss.  Know whose marching orders you must follow – no matter who tries to get in your way or give you trouble.

And you will experience a power and calmness the world just doesn’t understand.

Prayer: Lord, may I always follow you faithfully, and joyfully, wherever you lead.  AMEN.

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