Week 41 Tuesday

Lessons Learned

Today’s scripture selection: Second Chronicles 16-20

Key verses: Second Chronicles 17:3-9

King Jehoshaphat, the fourth king of the kingdom of Judah, was on to something.  His people were biblically illiterate.  So first he got rid of all the false idols they followed.  Then he instituted nationwide religious reform.  And, for awhile, all went well.

Then, he arranged for his son to marry.

The problem was, the wedding was to be with the daughter of a wicked King by the name of Ahab.  And, along with the wedding plans, came a devastating military alliance between the two countries.

As bad as that was, his own people eventually were influenced to forget all the lessons of faith that Jehoshaphat had originally instituted.  And, when he died, and his daughter-in-law became Queen; she brought back all the old religious practices from before. The people were once again plunged into darkness.

Some lessons are learned well; some are forgotten – and when those lessons are of a spiritual nature – that can have tremendous consequences.

Now, I don’t imagine that you sit around worrying over the likes of Jehoshaphat or his daughter-in-law Athaliah.  After all, it was a long time ago.

But the principle still holds.

We need to value deeply the spiritual lessons we can learn from our faith.  And we should never either neglect them or toss them aside for personal (or for that matter, national) reasons.

We need to consider them not just “lessons learned” but “lessons to be lived.”

We need to get out our Bibles – and if they are dusty from sitting on the shelf un-opened, do something beside dust them and put them back on the shelf.

I know – that’s very “preacher-like” of me to say.

But I also know it’s true.  The lessons we learn from the Bible are the ones that can sustain us for a lifetime…an eternal lifetime.

Prayer: Lord, cause my mind to stir when I think of your Word.  And, may I take to heart the lessons I find there.  AMEN.



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