Week 41 Wednesday

The Word

Today’s scripture selection: Psalms 119

Key verses: Psalm 119:11

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”

It’s the longest Psalm and longest chapter in the Bible.

It’s also a love poem, written to God and His Word.

Some think it may have been written by a man named Ezra, after the temple had been re-built.  It is constructed in such a way so that each section begins with a letter corresponding to a letter in the Hebrew alphabet and each verse beginning with the letter of its section.

But, technical matters aside, it’s clearly a long meditation on how God’s word is something very beautiful – not just to behold and study – but to embrace.

Thousands of years later – Bibles are common – at least in the United States.  You can pick up a paperback copy of the King James Version for just a few bucks.

And while, in other parts of the world, people are starved to get even a little sliver of God’s word to study – in America – many homes have multiple copies of this great library of sacred texts.

The problem is – in many homes – it’s never read.

So – here’s to Ezra – and here’s to his love poem lifting up the wonderful gift of Holy Scripture.

And here’s to the idea that we commit ourselves to cherishing it and “hiding it” in our hearts every day.

Prayer: Lord, how beautiful is your Holy Scripture.  May I never take it for granted.  AMEN.

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