Week 42 Tuesday

In the Eyes of the Lord

Today’s scripture selection: Second Chronicles 21-24

Key verses: Second Chronicles 24:2

“Joash did what was right in the eyes of the LORD all the years of Jehoiada the priest.”

I have a friend who once spoke of what it was like to do something “right there in front of God and everybody!”

Well, Scripture speaks about that very thing quite a bit.

Joash is a good example.

This young king, only seven years old when he came to the throne, knew what it was like to be under the positive influence of a good, faithful priest.  And he acted as God would have him act – “right there in front of God and everybody” – while under that positive influence.

Unfortunately, once it was removed, he was easily persuaded to do the very opposite.  And, right in God’s sight, he took the lead in the idol worship that would prove to be disastrous for him and his people.

It’s important to take seriously who and what we let influence us.

My Mom and Dad – being good parents – understood this well.

My Mom, especially, used to talk about how I mustn’t let some evil thing called “peer pressure” get the best of me.

At the time, it seemed like “much ado about nothing.”

But now I realize how it is true.

There is much that can influence us; sway us; convince us; and lead us in the wrong direction.  And what is that “wrong” direction? Away from God.

So be careful.  Think often about how and why you have come to the decisions you are making.  Consider who it is that is “pulling your strings” – if anyone.

And remember – God is watching.

Prayer: Lord, may the meditations of my heart, and my daily actions, be pleasing in your sight – regardless of what others have to say about them.  Amen.

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