Week 45 Saturday


Today’s scripture selection: First Peter 1-3

Key verse: First Peter 2:2

I’m not a parent.  So I can’t speak with any authority on how to properly diaper an infant; the fine art of feeding that infant strained vegetables; how to best deal with his or her fussiness or unique little quirks.  I’ve never tried to calm an upset baby by carrying it around the apartment at three in the morning; something I understand my father and mother did more than once.  I don’t even know what the most popular baby shower gift is these days.

But I have watched a lot of parents in action over the years – those brave souls of my various congregations who have answered the call to raise the next “greatest” generation.

I have been impressed with how the moms, especially, can readily pick their own child’s cry out of the cacophony of sound coming from the church nursery.  And I have been especially impressed with how they can tell the difference between a “frustrated” cry; an “angry” cry: and the “I’m in real trouble in here” cry.

And I have been struck by how quickly Mom or Dad can meet the need of their child with the right toy; the right bottle; the right touch or nestling near the breast at just the right time.

No wonder then that Peter uses this illustration when talking about our need as “spiritual” newborns.

He says,

“Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.”

The world offers much – some good – a lot of it very bad.

Some things are nourishing; other things are toxic.

So it is important that we learn to crave what God offers – because it is always good and nourishing.

Our tastes may run in many different directions.  But, if we prayerfully seek God’s counsel, we will surely “grow up” into spiritual maturity.

It’s not a jar of strained carrots.  But it’s very, very good for us – just the same.

Prayer: Lord, may I always crave your loving instruction.  AMEN.



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