Week 46 Thursday

Let It Go

Today’s scripture selection: Ecclesiastes 7-8

Key verse: Ecclesiastes 7:9

The wisdom we find in the book of Ecclesiastes covers a lot of territory; much of it goes right to the heart of some very “vexing” problems.

In fact, that’s how one translation addresses one particularly pesky problem:

“Be not hasty in thy spirit to be vexed, for vexation rests in the bosom of fools.” (American Baptist Publication Society)

How about it – have you felt “vexed” lately?

If you aren’t sure – here’s another translation of that same passage:

“Do not be quick to show resentment; for resentment is nursed by fools.”  (New English Bible)

Ah, there – that’s clearer.

Resentment can be a real problem at times; even a deadly one.

It’s when you find yourself on “slow burn” – not exactly openly blowing your stack – but not releasing yourself from the anger either.

You mull something over in your mind – over and over again.  You think about how “unfair” someone has been; how “thoughtless”; how “cruel.”

But the real cruelty is the one that is self-inflicted as you open the old wound over and over again, refusing to let healing come.

I think the Scriptures are right.  That kind of thing is something only fools nurse and keep alive.  Because, as one wise old Doc told his patient who was suffering from an ulcer: “It’s not what you are eating that’s the problem; it’s what’s eating you!”

So go ahead.  Let it go.  Turn the hurt and anger over to God.  And move on.  You may find yourself a whole lot less “vexed.”

And a whole lot healthier too.

Prayer: Lord, help me to give up the dark feeling of being wounded – and move on – to heal.  AMEN.



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