Week 47 Sunday

Getting to Know God

Today’s scripture selection: Acts 17-18

Key Verses: Acts 17:23b

“Now what you worship as something unknown I am going to proclaim to you.”

It was more than an intellectual game; an esoteric pastime.

It was more than just a way to show off how much he knew.

For the apostle Paul – it was what would save his life – and, hopefully, the lives of those who heard him.

He wanted to help people come to know God.  Not just

  • Know something about God
  • Know about his particular brand of religion
  • Know about why he thought his God was “better” than theirs

He wanted them to personally come to know and love God – the way God knew and loved them.

And so, he was tireless; and fearless in his preaching.

It cost him much.  Eventually, it cost him his earthly life.

Few today would sacrifice as much, as willingly as he did.

But, having been brought to this deep relationship with God, through Christ, during a conversion experience that had literally blinded him for awhile – he could do no less.

For many of us, Christianity is a far less dramatic affair.

But for Paul, and the other early believers, it was life and death.  It was being “born again.”

These days, being “born again” is a label; something that is checked off on a poll about religious affiliation.  But it can be much more than that.

So I encourage you to think about this God who, despite all the talk, remains “unknown” to so many.  Do you really know Him?  Would you like to know Him better?

It begins by doing what those very first Christians did; opening your heart and mind, in faith, in love, to a relationship with the living God; the resurrected Christ.

It’s more than just an intellectual game; an esoteric pastime.

It’s getting to know and love God – as He knows and loves you.

Prayer: Lord, I want to know you – not just with my mind – but with my heart.  Come, Lord Jesus.  AMEN.





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