Week 47 Thursday

No Need to Shout

Today’s scripture selection: Ecclesiastes 9-10

Key verse: Ecclesiastes 9:17

Have you noticed how noisy our world has become?

Even though I live on the outskirts of a moderately large city; even though I try and make it a priority to have some “quiet time” each day – the noise is steadily encroaching upon my chosen lifestyle.

Sometimes I get up very, very early in the morning – and just sit with a cup of tea – not to read; perhaps not even to pray (though that’s a good time to do it) – just to sit quietly before the day begins.

Before the loud music; the blaring commercials; the sounds of demolition or new construction; the honking horns and squealing brakes; the insistent demands of busy day – I sit quietly.

And, before long, the noise comes.

In the midst of all this clamor, consider these words from Ecclesiastes:

“The quiet words of the wise are more to be heeded than the shouts of a ruler of fools.”

Let those words sink in for just a moment.

No need to shout.  No need to give in the counsel of fools just because they are shouting.

Let some quiet, prayerful reflection rule the day.

And, in the “still, small voice of God” – listen for true wisdom.

Prayer: Father, in a very noisy world; tune my ears to hear your loving and wise counsel.  AMEN.

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