Week 49 Wednesday

The Way

Today’s scripture selection: Psalms 140-142

Key verse: Psalm 142:3

“When my spirit grows faint within me, it is you who know my way.”

Now and then, we all lose our way.

At least, that’s been my life experience.  No matter who you are; what answers you have found; sooner or later – you are going to come up against something, or someone, who has you stumped.

That’s when it’s more than just helpful to hear words like this from the Psalms – it may be life-saving.

When you are “spiritually” faint; when you just can’t seem to find the energy or strength to do what needs to be done; when you can’t find your way back onto a path that makes sense – that’s when God can step in.  That’s if you let Him.

You may find it in any number of ways.


  • Taking another look at the Scriptures
  • Talking to a friend who seems to have found something in his or her faith
  • Reaching out to someone who has also lost his or her way
  • Finding someone you can help; someone who is in an even worse situation than you are in
  • By praying one of the most simple and profound prayers you can pray: “Lord, please show me the way.”

But however you find your way back onto a sound path – know this – God loves you and celebrates that you have found your way back home – each and every time.

Prayer: Lord, when I am tired and lost; show me the way back to your love.  AMEN.

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