Week 50 Monday

No Longer Wandering

Today’s scripture selection: Deuteronomy 26-28

Key verse: Deuteronomy 26:5-8

“Then you shall declare before the LORD your God: “My father was a wandering Aramean, and he went down into Egypt with a few people and lived there and became a great nation, powerful and numerous. But the Egyptians mistreated us and made us suffer, subjecting us to harsh labor.  Then we cried out to the LORD, the God of our ancestors, and the LORD heard our voice and saw our misery, toil and oppression.”

Sometimes, as we make our way through life’s twists and turns, it’s helpful to review where we have been.

This statement from the book of Deuteronomy did just that.  It helped the people recall who they were; where they had been; what they had experienced – good and bad; and how God had been central to it all.

I have never been very good at journaling, but I understand that some people find it helpful as a way to do this kind of “reviewing” process.

Others find it helpful to just sit down with family or friends and tell stories.

Still others like to flip through photos or mementos of other kinds.

But whatever the process, it’s a healthy thing to do.

And for the person of faith, it’s a way to connect (or re-connect) with the God who has been with you through it all.

So why not find a little time soon to do a little remembering?

You may find yourself musing on how you were once a “wanderer” – looking for something; needing guidance; needing release from bondage and God came along at just the right time; in just the right way.

Prayer: Lord, as my journey unfolds, help me to learn by recalling where I have been and where, with your help, I might go.  AMEN.

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