Week 51 Wednesday

Simple Understanding

Today’s scripture selection: Psalms 146-148

Key verse: Psalm 147:5

“You just don’t understand!”

How many times has that phrase been uttered through tears; yelled in anger; whispered in disbelief?

How many times have children said that to their parents or spouses said that to one another?

Sometimes, regardless of who is “right” or “wrong”, what we most desperately want someone to do is at least try and understand our position.

Well Holy Scripture promises us that there is Someone who does just that.

“Great is our Lord and mighty in power, his understanding has no limit.”

Let those words sink in for a moment.

“…his understanding has no limit.”

Our world and its inhabitants are all about limits.

There are limits to our patience.

There are limits to our compassion.

There are limits to our desire to help.

There are limits to our willingness to understand.

But not with God – without editorial footnote; without legalese that sets the conditions – Scripture simply says that God’s understanding has no limit.

Now, while that is not the same as saying God always agrees with us – always says we are “right” – it is a bold proclamation that God is always willing to hear our version of the “story” – whatever it may be.

And what more compassionate; loving; fair hearing could we receive than that?

Prayer: Lord, when I feel misunderstood, help me to remember that you always do understand – and care.  AMEN.

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