Week 51 Thursday

Majestic as the Stars

Today’s scripture selection: Song of Solomon 5-6

Key verse: Song of Solomon 6:10

“Who is this that appears like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, majestic as the stars in procession?”

Of all the terms lovers use to describe each other these days – majestic – is usually not one of them.

But that is how the Scripture sets the stage for us.

It’s a beautiful picture of two lovers from years ago.

It’s also a wonderful picture of Christ, and His bride, the Church.

Finally, it gives us a glimpse of how we, as individuals, can relate to this God who loves us so deeply, and His Church universal.

They appear as the dawn – bringing light into our darkness.

They appear as the moon – fair and calm – in the night sky.

They appear as the stars – bright and dazzling – yet somehow peaceful.

How different these images are from the sometimes seemingly distant or aloof – “God and His universe.”

So, when you need Him must – when you need communion with His family, the Church – remember these beautiful pictures of His love.

And, just maybe, God won’t seem distant or unapproachable; the Church equally cold and without feeling.

Maybe each will be more like your beloved – who adores you and calls you to be with him or her.

Prayer: Thank you Lord, for your wonderful, incomparable love.  AMEN.

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