Today’s Scripture Selection: Luke 9:23

“If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.”

Much has been written about these words of Jesus; and much debated about what it means to

  • Come after me
  • Deny himself
  • Take up his cross
  • Follow me

What I haven’t often found discussed is that it is a daily process.

Discipleship isn’t just for the “professional” clergy.

Faithfulness isn’t something to be delegated to the weekend – at church on Sunday.

Servanthood can’t be, or shouldn’t be, compartmentalized to certain charitable or religious activities on a certain day or time.

Following Jesus – cross and all – is to be something we do every single day.

And maybe that is why it can be so difficult to do.

Maybe that’s why it is tempting to take normal, everyday stressors and say with a sigh, “Oh, I guess that’s just my cross to bear.”

But I think if we look closely at what Jesus is calling His followers to do – it isn’t about having to deal with difficult people at work; struggle along with some pesky health issue; or being patient with your in-laws (all of which I have heard described as a “cross” to bear).

No, I think it is about approaching each twenty-four hour period of your life, the best you can, as a Christ-follower.  And, I think it’s about, little by little, day by day, trying to be just a little more Christ-like.

And guess what. By God’s grace – it can be done.

Prayer: Lord, help me to walk with you – each day – as you would have me walk.  AMEN.


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