Today’s Scripture Selection: First John 5:21

“Dear children, keep yourselves from idols.”

It’s the final sentence in a letter of encouragement and warning.  Speaking to believers – “children” in the faith – a wise teacher writes about God’s love.  He also writes about false teachers and how the faithful can so easily be led astray.  And then – one final word: watch out for idols.

Today, not many of us living in “sophisticated society” pray to little wooden gods or clay statues.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have idols

  • Careers turned into obsessions
  • Financial resources turned into consuming monsters
  • Alcohol and other “recreational” drugs that demand attention
  • Unhealthy relationships that rule our hearts and minds
  • Religion that becomes toxic and takes on a life of its own
  • Fads that demand we spend all our time; energy; and resources

I’m sure you can name a few of these false gods that demand that their “worshippers” are faithful – even when it costs those worshippers their very lives.

John’s warning to his “dear children” should be heeded by all of us who can too easily lose our way and follow someone or something other than God.

So watch carefully whom who follow – and to whom you belong.

It may prove one day to be not just a silly, old idol.

It may prove to be something much, much darker.

Prayer: Lord, keep me from idols – especially the ones that seem so harmless.  AMEN.

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