Today’s Scripture Selection: John 9:4

(Note to Faithful Readers: With today’s post we come to our first run through our alphabetical study of the scriptures.  I hope you have enjoyed picking out a few significant words related to the faith – and maybe found a few more of your own.  Tomorrow, it’s back to A again.)

“As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me.  Night is coming, when no one can work.”

In all the ways that we might describe ourselves; or others might describe us – how doubt “zealous” is a word that comes up too often.

But maybe it should.

In a life of faithful discipleship – a little zealousness has its place.

I like this passage from John that talks about the urgency of doing the work of the kingdom.  I like how Jesus speaks of it in terms of light and darkness.

Our beautiful world can, sadly, also be a dark place.

It is dark

  • When people are struggling with their own inner “demons”
  • When people feel outcast or misunderstood
  • When people don’t know where to turn for help – where to find God
  • When people are overwhelmed; underfed; in need
  • When people need forgiveness and acceptance

In so many ways, these are urgent needs that faithful people should, in God’s name, address – “as long as it is day.”

And that takes a good, healthy, zeal for the faith.

Prayer: Lord, fill my spirit with your Spirit – so that I may zealously serve and love in your name.  AMEN.


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