Today’s Scripture Selection: Mark 10:1

“He called his twelve disciples and gave them authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and sickness.”

The men that history now knows as “the Twelve” – Jesus’ hand-picked first followers – were extraordinarily gifted.

It wasn’t because they were just naturally so.  As one author has put it, they were just twelve ordinary men.

But they were gifted just the same – because Jesus made it so.

And so, with heavenly authority, they were enabled to drive out the demonic and heal others – all in Jesus’ name.

Are the followers of Jesus today still gifted?

I think so.

We may not all be called to cast out demons or be used of God in some supernatural way.

But we are gifted – and called – to bring healing, just the same.

It may be in small, almost imperceptible ways.  Or it may be in large, dramatic ways.  But the goal and purpose remain the same – to bring God’s healing to a hurting world.

So, don’t be afraid to ask God two things.

  1. Ask God for healing when you need it yourself – and you may be surprised at the wonderful way he answers that call for help.  A next door neighbor; a co-worker; a pastor or fellow church member; a trusted counselor; even a member of your own family – might be used of God to bring the very healing you need.
  2. Ask God to help you develop your own gift of “healing” – however God may choose to do that.  You may find you are uniquely suited to help someone in a way you never thought possible.


Why?  Because God is in the healing business – and I believe He is always at work doing that work – for, and through, us – if we let Him.

Prayer: Thank you God, for gifting us with both healing and the ability to heal.  AMEN.


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