Today’s Scripture Selection: Acts 23:1

Paul looked straight at the Sanhedrin and said, “My brothers, I have fulfilled my duty to God in all good conscience to this day.”

When you hear the word “duty” – what does it bring to mind?

I think of something along the lines of God, country, honor, duty.

I think of the military or the scouting program.

I think of words like fidelity and service.

But I have to admit, it took me back a bit when I read the bold assertion of the apostle Paul as he stood before the Jewish Supreme Court.

Can we be so bold?  To assert, unequivocally, that we have fulfilled our duty to God “in all good conscience to this day.”

I wouldn’t assert such a thing.  If the apostle Paul could do so, more power to him.

But it does get me thinking that we are all called to something that is very noble, very important, and perhaps very costly, when we assert that we are called by God.

To be a Christ-follower is no small thing.  Certainly it should not be seen as something self-serving.

We are called to duty in service to God and God’s kingdom.  Some may assert this is old-fashioned language, too militaristic in tone.

I understand that.

I also think duty is a large part of discipleship at its best.

Prayer: Lord, help me to fulfill my duty as best I am able, as your reign unfolds.  AMEN.

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