Today’s Scripture Selection: Acts 4:36

“Joseph, a Levite from Cyrus, whom the apostles call Barnabus (which means Son of Encouragement), sold a field he owned and put it at the apostle’s feet.”

Names are interesting things.

In the scriptures, it’s often noted what certain names mean.

This passage is one example of that.

It’s easy to focus on what Barnabus did that is noted – selling some of his property and putting it to service in the work of the kingdom.

But I like to notice that Joseph’s other name means encouragement.

I think that’s as significant, perhaps even more important, than the fact of his generous activity.

We all need encouragement.  No doubt Barnabus found many opportunities to live up to his name as he went about serving God.

And we can too.

I’m not talking about mere “pep talks” – I mean real, solid, deep, abiding encouragement.  When offered sincerely; especially when offered as a Christian – it can work miracles.

So I encourage you to find someone who needs some encouragement today – and go to work.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for the encouragement of your grace and the opportunity to offer it to others.  AMEN.

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