Today’s Scripture Selection: Romans 15:13

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

In what many consider to be Paul’s greatest work – his letter to the Romans – he offers this wonderful benediction.

The image of being filled to overflowing with joy and peace and hope is wonderful.

And it is something that many people struggle to find.

Think of how often many settle for just “getting by” and no more.

Think of how we can feel empty inside, the very antithesis of being filled to overflowing.

Think of how many try, again and again, to tap into internal resources with which to meet some crises, only to find those resources lacking, if present at all.

Then consider Paul who, despite being threatened daily by external forces and internal struggles, could write so eloquently of how God “filled” him with joy and peace and hope.

It is so easy to try and meet the need in some other way than turning to God and God’s ever present, ever abundant, resource.

Are you feeling empty or inadequate to today’s tasks in some way?

Then I invite you to follow Paul’s wonderful counsel.  Reach out, reach deep, and embrace God’s source for what you need the most.

And may God’s peace and joy and hope be yours.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, when I am spiritually empty and I need filling up with what you desire for me, may I be open to the work of your Spirit in my life.  AMEN.

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