Today’s Scripture Selection: First John 3:1

“How great is the love the Father has lavished upon us, that we should be called children of God.”

When you think of the word “lavish” or “lavished” – what comes to mind?

For me – it’s usually the idea of some display of great wealth or beauty.  I might fantasize a bit about being a king whose servants lavish countless signs of their adoration upon him.  Words like plentiful, generous, abundant, copious, excessive, and unrestrained come to mind.

So isn’t it amazing that this is the word John uses to describe the love God has for us.  It is so plentiful, generous, abundant, copious, excessive and unrestrained that we – we of all people – are called “children of God.”

It is amazing.  And it is true.

It’s not that we are so deserving of such a lavish display of love.  It’s not that we somehow have earned it and it is our due reward.

It’s just that God loves us all – remember – “For God so loved the world….” – that much.

So the result is this lavish, amazing expression of love to us all.  And it is, as some might say, “just because.”

Remember that the next time you feel unloved and unacceptable.

God loves you with a lavish love – just because.

Prayer: Thank you Lord, for your ever present, ever extravagant love of your children, of which I am one.  AMEN.

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