Today’s Scripture Selection: Isaiah 32:8

“But the noble man makes noble plans, and by noble deeds he stands.”

Life takes planning – lots of it.

That is, if you want to be very successful at whatever you set out to do.

Teachers will tell you; organizational experts will tell you; coaches will tell you; your mother will tell you; all down the line – life takes planning.

But that’s only part of it.

We have a choice when it comes to planning.

We can spin our wheels planning how to do things that are mainly about self-gratification.  We can get all involved planning how to be very good at things which, in the grand scheme of things, really don’t matter much.  We can spend hours, days, months, years planning for some things that – once we achieve them – we realize we never really wanted anyway.

Or we can be noble people who make noble plans and live by noble deeds.  We can stand for something worthwhile and meaningful and lasting.

In contrast, the prophet Isaiah says,

“The scoundrel’s methods are wicked; he makes up evil schemes to destroy the poor with lies, even when the plea of the needy is just.”

That’s putting it strongly.  And I doubt many of us would own up to the idea that we are scoundrels who spend our days making up evil schemes to hurt anyone – especially someone in need.

Still, the point is a good one.

We can take the high road – the noble road – and plan accordingly or we can choose the lesser way – the one guided by something less than our faith and our calling as people of God.

Which path would you rather spend your life following?

Prayer: Lord, show me how to make my plans align with your highest and noblest ones.  AMEN.

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