Today’s Scripture Selection: Psalm 95:7-8

“Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts….”

When was the last time you heard God’s voice?

I’m not talking, necessarily, about literally hearing that voice.  Such phenomenon, to say the least, is rare and I would rather leave it to the theologians and mental health experts for a discussion of how and when that happens.

I’m talking about hearing God in a more subtle way than a literal “voice” in your ears or mind.

I think that happens more often than we talk about.

God speaks in multiple ways, every single day.

Do we hear?

Do we understand?

Do we take that voice seriously?

Do we respond faithfully?

These aren’t matters just for the professional theologian or counselor.  These are matters of faith for everyone.

Each of us must prayerfully, carefully discern when – and how – God is speaking to us; calling to us.

Each of us decide how and when to respond.

It’s a good and important thing to do.

In prayer, journaling, dialogue with others, reading, simply sitting and listening – we have a great opportunity.

God is calling.

Do you hear it?  If you do, it will change your life, and who knows what else.

Prayer: Lord, open my ears – mind – heart – to you and your love.  AMEN.

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