A New Journey Begins

A New Journey Begins

Today’s Scripture Selection: Genesis 1-3

As I mentioned in my last post, today we begin an old journey in a new way.

Going “back to the beginning” we turn to Genesis – the book of beginnings.

Scholars are not in agreement about how this great, formative work came into being but – what else is new?

For our devotional purposes, I do not plan to worry over exactly how and when the ancient traditions were recorded.

What is important is that we recognize that without this book – much of the rest of scripture would be hard to fully understand.

These are our, and humanity’s, stories as told by one part of the family.

From the very beginning – the story unfolds.  If you try, you can probably picture our ancestors sitting around campfires spinning wonderful, exciting tales of the past which somehow, mysteriously are still part of our story today.

Creation, innocence, sin, guilt, murder, redemption, destruction, new beginnings, faith journeys that began long, long ago – and which still begin fresh today.

I encourage you to begin reading the “old, old story” once again – and, as much as possible, try to hear it as if you have never heard it before.

God still speaks to us from these ancient texts.  What is He saying to you today?

“In the beginning God…”

That says a lot – doesn’t it?

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