Today’s Scripture Selection: Genesis 15:6

“And Abram believed in the LORD and he credited it to him as righteousness.”

People love credit – or at least a lot of people do.

I am amazed, especially around Christmas, when I see just how many little plastic cards people fit into their already overstuffed wallets and how freely they use them.

“Black Friday” – ominous though it sounds – is all about spending, spending, spending – often on credit.

But the credit that is mentioned in Genesis, of Abram, is another type of credit altogether.

Abram’s faith in God, his willingness to trust Him, his willingness to pack his and his family’s bags and journey out – stage by stage – to a land yet unknown – all this and more was “credited to him as righteousness.”

As the holidays approach, and the spending increases, and the giving and receiving “feeding frenzy” gets underway once again, I would remind you of the greatest credit available to you and yours.

It’s not MasterCard or Visa.  It’s God crediting you for your faith in Him.

I’m not talking about “cashing in” spiritually speaking on your faithfulness, as in, “Look God, see how faithful I am?  Now what do I get for it?”

That’s got it all wrong.

But I do believe God will see your faith, your trust, and your hope – and that it will not be in vain.

God will smile upon you and quietly affirm, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

What greater credit could you wish for than that?

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