In a Foreign Land

In a Foreign Land

Today’s Scripture Selection: Genesis 39:1

“Now Joseph had been taken down to Egypt…”

Sold by his brothers into slavery, Joseph was now in a foreign place – Egypt.

You might think this would lead to nothing good but in God’s providential grace, exactly the opposite began to happen.

Even though there would be a few twists and turns to come – including a stint in prison – chapter by chapter Joseph’s story would unfold not as his jealous brothers intended but as his gracious God intended.

There’s a word of grace in that for us, don’t you think?

Plans are funny things.  Sometimes (perhaps even often) they go awry.  You know, it’s the old “best laid plans of mice and men…” thing.

It may be

  • Our poor planning
  • Our poor judgment
  • Interference from others
  • Events which happen through no fault of our own but which change our lives dramatically

There can be all sorts of reasons why things go, at least for a while, “awry”.

The good news is God doesn’t let go of us during those dramatic, pivotal periods of transition.  Over and over again God is at work.

If you find yourself in a “foreign” land of your own today or tonight, take heart.  God may be just about to do some of His most dramatic and graceful work yet.

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