No Other Gods

No Other God

Today’s Scripture Selection: Exodus 20:1-17

Of all the things God provided for His people in the wilderness, surely the Ten Commandments are among the greatest.

We are “people of the Book” – and the world has known us as such from the beginning.

Have we always followed the counsel we find there?  We clearly haven’t but the image of Moses receiving the basic instructions on how we are to relate to God and to each other remains.

Over the years there has been no small debate about what role these laws play in our lives, or the role they should play.

There has been much said and written about whether they are still “relevant” in today’s world.

There have been plenty who have attempted to edit them.

They remain – mysterious, powerful, compelling – they remain.

At the core is that one central concept: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

We still struggle with that one.  Sadly, it seems to me that idolatry is alive and well in all its various forms.

God calls us back to the mountaintop to be reminded that amidst all of the noise and confusion; all the temptation we are to have no other gods.

I pray that we will never forget these words sent to us so long ago and that we will never feel that we have exhausted exploring what they mean to us.

The “Thou shalt nots” are still relevant, still needed, still informative – and they always will be for we are still, in some ways, wandering in the wilderness, seeking our true home.

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