Sharing the Joy

Sharing the Joy

Today’s Scripture Selection: Luke 1:58

“When it was time for Elizabeth to have her baby, she gave birth to a son. Her neighbors and relatives heard that the Lord had shown her great mercy, and they shared her joy.”

Mary wasn’t the only one who was expecting.  Elizabeth and her husband were expecting a “miracle child” of their own.

When the time came – everyone came and “shared her joy” – and I can easily imagine why.  It was a miracle.  In her advanced age, she and her husband have the amazing experience of bringing a baby into the world, but there was more to the miracle than that.  Their child was to be named John.  He would later become known as “the Baptizer.”

If the friends and family of Elizabeth and Zechariah had fully appreciated who this unexpected baby really was – their joy would have been even fuller than it was.  John would grow up to be the one blessed to “prepare the way” for the Lord.

We too can share in the joy of these miraculous births.

Not only can we experience joy in our own lives by remembering them – we can share that joy with all those who cross our path who deeply need to hear about what they mean.

These are the days filled with holiday parties, sentimental movies, gift giving and receiving, eating, eating, and more eating.  Most of all these should be the days of sharing the joy that comes from knowing Jesus.

After all  – what greater joy can there be than that?

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