Tender Mercy

Tender Mercy

Today’s Scripture Selection: Luke 1:78

“…because of the tender mercy of our God, by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven…”

I love the fact that when Zechariah was inspired to speak of what his son would be able to do with his life, he used some wonderful words to describe what God was doing.

How was he moved to speak of God?

He talked about the “tender mercy” of God and a “rising sun” that would bring light to a people living in darkness and in the “shadow of death.”

What powerful and poignant words.

This is the story that unfolded over two thousand years ago, which is still unfolding this year, as it does during each Christmas season especially.

The malls are filled with anxious shoppers and tired store clerks.

The children are wondering if they are going to get that one special gift they are dying to receive.

The traffic is in a constant snarl of impatient drivers.

The civil and international conflict is raging on as usual.

The politicians are happily going on holiday break.

The theatres are featuring special features and the producers are hoping to make a bundle and in the midst of it all…

The people living in darkness and in the shadow of death are about to have a chance to see the light again.

The tender mercy of our God is about to be revealed again.

Don’t miss it.

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