The Voice

The Voice

Today’s Scripture Selection: Numbers 7:89

“When Moses entered the tent of meeting to speak with the LORD, he heard the voice speaking to him from between the two cherubim above the atonement cover on the Ark of the Covenant law. In this way the LORD spoke to him.”

These days, it is a popular TV show – a game with contestants and judges – “The Voice” – but to Moses “the Voice” was something altogether different.

Can you imagine hearing the voice of God?

Do you believe you have heard it?

In modern society, talk about “hearing” God literally and you are likely to find yourself committed to a mental care facility.

For Moses, it was anything but his imagination.

Here, in this book about holiness, we are reminded that Moses had a unique relationship to God and that because of his relationship with God life is radically different for us all.

No wonder so many have written about his life and tried to understand it.

I am content to simply ponder what that mysterious presence must have been like so long ago.  I marvel at not a God – but THE God – who cares about us so much that this holy communication is done in such a mysterious, powerful, and intimate way.

I don’t hear the voice of God – at least not in some deep, booming movie studio kind of way.

I do, however, believe that God communicates with me – with us all – in ways that are just as powerful and meaningful.

Every time God does that – there is great possibility for change, growth, service, love, hope, and faith.

Can you hear it?  The Voice.

Listen carefully, and prayerfully, each time you do.

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