Scripture selection: Numbers 33:2

“At the LORD’s command Moses recorded the stages in their journey.”

Along with all the other things Moses did “at the LORD’S command,” Moses did one other important thing: he recorded the stages of their journey.  From slavery to freedom; from oppression to Promised Land – they traveled together under God’s leadership – and Moses recorded each stage.

There is an important spiritual lesson for us there.

We too, are to travel in stages.

The 12-step recovery programs and others like them recognize the wisdom of this.

We can’t – nor should we attempt – to do everything at once.

To grow God’s way it takes

  • Patience
  • Discernment
  • Guidance
  • Trust
  • One step at a time

So, here as we leave Moses, the people, and the book of Numbers, let’s remind ourselves growth, above all, is a process that takes time.

Stage by stage – with God’s help – it comes.

(Speaking of stages, beginning tomorrow we will begin a new book of study – this time from the New Testament.)

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