Deep Water

Scripture selection: Luke 5:4

When he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.”

I love the fact that the Bible is filled with so many opportunities to see spiritual truth hidden just below the surface.

Take this little story about fishing.

While I think it is a danger to “read into” scripture to make a point – here, there may be some real merit in taking a look at water in which they are fishing.

In symbolically teaching them about the great task they are going to be about in ministry, Jesus tells his fishermen disciples to go to “deep” water.

It is there – in the dark depths – that they find the catch of fish for which they have been fruitlessly toiling.

So it is with spiritual fishing.

While some efforts on the surface might prove some results, it is when we go deeper that real success is to be found.

In the depths of

  • Christ’s teaching
  • Christ’s example
  • Christ’s sacrificial service
  • Christ’s humility
  • Christ’s love

In these holy depths – we find the way to “catch” others and lead them to the life we have found in relationship with God through Christ.

It isn’t a trick or a gimmick.

It’s a powerful truth.

We must have the faith to follow our Lord into the “depths” so that we can find life – for ourselves – and others.

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