Blessed Are You

Blessed Are You

Scripture selection: Luke 6:20

Looking at his disciples, he said:

“Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. Blessed are you who hunger now, for you will be satisfied. Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh.  Blessed are you when people hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man.  Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven. For that is how their ancestors treated the prophets.”

As Jesus’ ministry continues – releasing the spiritually oppressed – performing the miraculous – he continues to teach as well.

It is here that we find some of his most memorable words.

This compilation of sermons and teaching; these familiar phrases which begin with the words, “Blessed are you…” have given hope and life to billions of people over the centuries.

Now they come to us.

At first, we may feel that do not exactly apply.  I mean, are you poor, hungry, weeping, hated, excluded, and rejected because of your association with Jesus?

While we may sometimes feel that way, I doubt that many truly are in such a difficult state of affairs.

Still, we can identify – can we not – with how refreshing and welcome these words are to anyone who is burdened and troubled as a Christian pilgrim making his or her way in the world?

The “Blessed are you” words of hope encourage us in a way no self-help or pop-psychology best-seller can because these are words that give us a glimpse of kingdom life.

The kingdom of God is not of this world.

Jesus would make this very clear, very soon.

And we, who identify ourselves with that same kingdom in our own time and place, can take comfort in that same truth.

Life is often difficult, troubling, and burdensome.  Jesus said, “In this world you shall have trouble.”

He also said He has overcome the world.

Blessed are you.  Blessed are we.

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