Do Unto

Do Unto

Scripture selection: Luke 6:31

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

It’s the classic “golden rule.”

To many people – it’s the bottom line of Christianity.

I think there is much more to a rich life of faith – the worship, the prayer life, the spiritual learning, and the adoration of God.  Still, I completely understand why this simple golden rule speaks to so many – as well it should.

Jesus called his followers to a way of life that is truly revolutionary.  He still does.

It challenges us to love more deeply, act more honestly, defend more vigorously the rights of others, and speak out more boldly for the oppressed.  It means we simply don’t have the “luxury” of those in the world who can do as they please to others, chocking it all up to “it’s a dog eat dog world.”

That just isn’t how the kingdom life works.

So, in all the richness and complexity of a life of faith – we are challenged to, in some way, keep things simple.

Love everyone as we have been loved.

Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

So simple, yet often difficult to do.

This is where prayer comes in.

We don’t need to muster the inner resources to live out this noble calling.  In fact, I doubt that we could do that if we tried.

We need spiritual resources.

The good news is God is more than willing to provide them.

We just need to ask.

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