Just A Little More

Scripture selection: Luke 17:5

The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!”

Every now and then the apostles of Jesus come right to the point.  They ask the Lord to do something, teach them, and grant some request of theirs that is straightforward and very to the point.  This was one of those occasions.

In the context of following his instruction to offer forgiveness to others – as if to admit how hard that can be to do – they ask “Increase our faith.”

I like the honesty I see in that encounter.

They are freely admitting that true, radical caring – particularly in the area of forgiveness – is something that at times may require of us great faith.

The good news is that Jesus immediately tells them that they can do much with just a little bit of faith.

Just a mustard seed portion, he says, is enough to move mountains.

I have always been encouraged by that.

It is enough, the Lord says, to just take that first, small step in the right direction.

We need not be great sages.  We need not be saints.

We only need to ask God to help us – give us – just a little bit of faith that taking that first step toward reconciliation, toward forgiveness, will work wonders.

And it does.  So often, it does.

Are in you in conflict with someone?  Does it seem that there is a mountain that needs to be moved before any reconciliation can take place?

Take heart – with just a little more faith – it can happen.

Why not take that first step today?

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