Paying Our Due

Paying Our Due

Scripture selection: Luke 20:20

Keeping a close watch on him, they sent spies, who pretended to be sincere. They hoped to catch Jesus in something he said, so that they might hand him over to the power and authority of the governor.  So the spies questioned him: “Teacher, we know that you speak and teach what is right, and that you do not show partiality but teach the way of God in accordance with the truth.  Is it right for us to pay taxes to Caesar or not?” He saw through their duplicity and said to them, “Show me a denarius. Whose image and inscription are on it?” “Caesar’s,” they replied. He said to them, “Then give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

It was, of course, a trap and Jesus knew it.

Those who questioned him so “sincerely” weren’t sincere at all.  They just wanted to catch him at something.

Jesus didn’t fall for it.

When it comes to “paying our due” he made it quite clear – give to “Caesar” what belongs to him – give to God what belongs to him.

In other words, keep your priorities straight and act accordingly.

Even today, we make such a big deal about what we owe or don’t owe – both to the government and to God.

Of course, what should take greater precedence in our lives – is what we should give to God – praise, obedience, faithfulness, and love.

Tax time is just around the corner.  It seems to me like it is always just around the corner.  We should pay what is appropriate for us to pay as good citizens.

Most of all, we should cheerfully give to God what is God’s.

He owns it all anyway.

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