Anointed with Truth

Anointed with Truth

Key Texts:  1 John 2:20

But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth.


It means “to smear or rub with oil” – and it has a rich history going back to the practice of ancient shepherds pouring oil on their sheep’s head, thus protecting them from the insects that could burrow into the sheep’s ears and do them harm.  In time, the practice of pouring oil on the head of the “anointed” held great symbolic value – signifying God’s blessing and protection.  Anointing also came to be associated with healing, and a practice of the early church.  Finally, it came to be associated with having a special calling from God, for God’s special purpose.

So it is important that John spoke about God’s people carrying out their special purpose, under God’s blessing and protection, in the evil times in which he lived – and those that were to come.

Today, I believe those who follow Christ are anointed as well.

We are called to serve, indeed blessed to serve.

We are also the bearers of truth and givers of grace, in Christ’s name, to those who are struggling and lost in the life choices.

It’s a great responsibility – and a great blessing.

How good a job are we at doing it?

Well, that’s a matter of great debate.

I’ve written before about the division I see in the Church worldwide and I believe this division is one of the greatest hindrances we have to fulfilling our “calling” as Christians.

We are all anointed – all blessed, all privy to the truth, all called to share it.

Yet too often, we become divided on issues that derail us from being instruments of grace and love.

Healing comes in various ways – but rarely does it follow self-righteous judgement of others.

In a world filled with falsehood and the angry pointing of fingers – I invite you to prayerfully find ways that you can be an instrument of God’s love and grace – an anointed, blessed, holy instrument – in Christ’s name.

Long ago, good shepherds comforted their sheep with soothing and protective oil.  As followers of the “Good Shepherd” can’t we do the same for others today?

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