Real Might

Key Text:  Psalm 50:1

 The Mighty One, God, the Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to where it sets.

The world loves a heavy-weight.

Culture after culture, from the first, most primitive tribes, to the great metropolitan cities, strength has been admired.

The Olympic athletes; the great warriors of legend; the giants of lore; the pro-ball players of today – they all command admiration.

I was not a particularly athletic kid and certainly wasn’t known for how well I could hold my own in a fight.  But even as a little guy, at a very, very young age, I wanted to eat my spinach and grow up to be like Popeye.  “I yam what I yam!” was my motto.

Only later could I fully appreciate what real strength is.

One way I came to appreciate it was in terms of Divine power.

The Psalmist, in the opening line of Psalm 50, helps define it for us.

“The Mighty One, the Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to where it sets.”

Now that is real strength, real power: to simply speak and summon the earth which you have created.

How small, how seemingly insignificant is man’s so called “might” in comparison to that.

And yet, this God, this Lord, values us – His children – among measure.

“What is man, that thou hast been mindful of him…?”

We mere humans lose our perspective, I think, on what an awesome and wonderful thing it is that the Creator of the Universe, who powerfully controls it, loves us enough to hear our prayers, listen to our needs, when we call.

That should put a lot of things in perspective for us.

Real might isn’t defined by victories in the sports arena, or the battlefield, or by any human measure – not when compared to the mighty power of God.

That should drive us to our knees in awe and contemplation – lest we take our so-called “power” too seriously.

“I yam what I yam” says Popeye.

“I am who I am” says the living God.

Who do you think is the truly Mighty One?


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