In the Eyes of…

In the Eyes of…

Key Texts: Second Corinthians: 8:21

For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of man.

Paul was writing about a particular act of ministry and charity – an offering to be exact – and how it should be carried out.

What really caught my attention in this particular section of scripture, however, was this business of being under watchful eyes: both the eyes of God and our fellow human beings.

I am impressed by that idea, that as persons of faith we should always remember who is watching us.

We should remember the example we are setting by our attitudes; the opinions we express and how we express them; how charitable we are (or not), not only with our possessions but with our very selves.

We live in controversial times and I am the first to say that we should be willing to take difficult stands for our faith when necessary.

I also believe that we need to always say and do things in such a way so that we can rest easy that in the eyes of the Lord and the eyes of man we need not be ashamed. Sometimes, we can forget that – especially when it easy to “put something out there” for public consumption.

We are not perfect, so there will no doubt be times when we fail at that.

I believe, though, that God will help us – if we ask – to find the right words and take the right actions at just the right time – to send the right message.

People are watching. God is watching. Let’s do what’s right, in Christ’s name.


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