Small Miracles

Week 28: Small Miracles

Today’s Text: Second Kings 6-10

Key Text: Second Kings 6:1-7

It’s a strange little story. A man loses a borrowed tool – an iron axhead – in the waters of the Jordon, and a prophet of God – Elisha – performs a miracle that allows him to fish it from the water.

Is the story meant to show Elisha’s miracle working power as a great prophet of God? I suppose.

Is the story meant to show that God cares enough about us that He is always present, always available? Possibly.

But I like what the LIFE APPLICATION BIBLE commentary has to say on the subject:

“The incident of the floating axhead is recorded to show God’s care and provision for those who trust him, even in the insignificant events of everyday life.”

It’s a good point.

There are certainly many episodes of God’s amazing, awesome power at work – all recorded in great detail – in the scriptures.

There are many opportunities to speak of how God uses faithful servants like Elisha to be at work in the world.

Healings, exorcisms, prophetic utterances, even the raising of the dead – it’s all there for us to ponder.

But there is also this incident – a borrowed tool lost and found.

It wouldn’t have been that big of deal if the tool had to be replaced.

It wasn’t, I don’t think, a matter of life and death.

But it is one, small episode of how God is present to us – at work – in miraculous ways.

And even the smallest of miracles is still miraculous.

Here’s the point.

Do we too often miss God’s miraculous work in our lives?

Do we need a great parting of the sea, a casting out of demons, a raising from the dead – to see God at work and give thanks?

Or can we see Him at work in a thousand small ways – and still find reason to praise and give thanks?

Look around this week. Open your spiritual eyes and take a good look.

Who knows? You might just catch a glimpse of something miraculous – something wonderful – an unexpected gift from the God who loves you.

If so, give thanks.

Maybe miracles do happen every day.

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