Week 28: Righteous Words

Week 28: Righteous Words

Today’s Text: Proverbs 10

Key Text: Proverbs 10:32

“The lips of the righteous know what is acceptable, but the mouth of the wicked, what is perverse.”

Sometimes we forget what powerful things words are.

It is so easy – too easy – to

  • Make that thoughtless, flippant remark to get a joke
  • Spread that bit of gossip
  • Voice that opinion
  • Tell that “little white lie”
  • Break that confidence
  • Speak too soon
  • Speak too carelessly
  • Criticize too quickly

If you are never guilty of doing these things…good for you.

If you recognize something on the list, and recall the last time you spoke in such a way, welcome to the club. I think most of us have spoken in such a way now and then.

So it is no surprise that the book of Proverbs spends more than a little time, and gives more than a little attention to the topic of talk – righteous and otherwise.

The tongue is a powerful, and potentially dangerous thing.

On the other hand, we can – with our words –

  • Bring comfort
  • Offer grace
  • Give forgiveness
  • Remind others about God’s love
  • Support
  • Guide
  • And Love

Unrighteous words are a terrible thing. Righteous words are a wonderful thing.

Which shall we speak today?

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