Week 32: The Rock of Our Salvation

Week 32: The Rock of our Salvation

Today’s Text: Psalms 93-95

Key Text: Psalm 95:1

“Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.”

The words roll off the tongue…

  • Come
  • Sing
  • Joy
  • Shout
  • Aloud

To what and to whom? The LORD – the ROCK of our SALVATION.

It’s the stuff hymns are made of.

It’s what praise bands get all worked up about these days.

The question is…

Is that all there is to it? Is it something we do, in a religiously formal way, a “responsive reading as in your bulletin” approach to God – nothing more – nothing less?

Or is it what defines our life at the core?

A relationship with the foundation of all there is – the Creator and Sustainer of all there is?

Can we honestly say, as has been said so eloquently, that it is in God that we “live, and move, and have our being?”

Can we affirm that we truly are restless until we rest in God?

I hope we can.

Otherwise, once the organ stops playing, the horns stop blaring, the guitar is silenced, and the PowerPoint presentation is turned off – we will all just go back to “business as usual” and be none the better for it.

On the other hand, when praise, and worship, and thanksgiving, and prayer are not just part of – but are at the core of life – there is nothing that can ultimately defeat us.

As the Apostle Paul would say,

“There is nothing,” – nothing – “that can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Now that is something worth singing about.

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