Week 34 A Painful Choice

Week 34 A Painful Choice

Today’s Text: Hosea 1-7

Key Text: Hosea 1:1:2

“When the LORD first spoke through Hosea, the LORD said to Hosea, ‘Go, take to yourself a wife of harlotry….”

It may be hard for us to understand – a man who feels led by God to take a wife who will be unfaithful to him – a sort of object lesson to the people about spiritual adultery – and a painful lesson at that, for all concerned.

Still, that is the story which unfolds in the book of Hosea, the first of the Twelve Prophets in the Bible.

This painful choice packed a powerful lesson because, like God, Hosea brings her into his home, and under his care, after her unfaithfulness.

The book records, in unflinching detail, the pain and consequences of betrayal.

It also records, with equal clarity, how God loves us enough to take us back after our own sinful betrayal of him.

We don’t like to talk or think about betraying God that way.

Most of us would prefer to think about how happily faithful we are – how devoted to God – just as God is devoted to us – one big happy family.

That isn’t an accurate picture, though, of our “family life.”

Just as human beings deny their weakness; sinfulness; adultery – so we try to act as if we are or have been more faithful to God than we have been.

That’s when we must swallow our pride, let down on defenses, and come back seeking God’s love and forgiveness.

It’s a painful choice – but it’s what can and will ultimately save us.

Do you need to “come home” to God today?

If so, know this. He loves us – He is waiting – and the door is open.

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