Week 35: Wallflowers

Today’s Text: First Chronicles 15-19

Key Text: First Chronicles 15:29

As the ark of the covenant of the LORD was entering the City of David, Michal daughter of Saul watched from a window. And when she saw King David dancing and celebrating, she despised him in her heart.

I remember the “wallflowers” of my high school class well. After all, I was one of them.

At all the high school dances which I attended – which weren’t many – there was always a group standing against the wall trying to look calm and rather disinterested in the affair. We acted more interested in the refreshments than the refreshing dance moves some of our classmates were making. We appeared to be very interested in the dance floor itself, given we spent so much time staring at it.

We were, however, anything but disinterested in the dance. In fact, we were terrified of it.

The thought of getting out there, on the floor, in front of everyone, and moving to the music – well, it was just overwhelming.

So, we sat – and stared – and yawned – and went to get refreshments – and sat or stood – some more.

What a waste.

I now realize that we should have gotten out there and danced like crazy. It wouldn’t have killed any of us. In fact, we might just have had a little fun.

David was not a wallflower.

He was a valiant warrior; a king; a man of God.

Also, he could dance.

As an act of worship, celebration, pure joy – he danced.

Though some found it unworthy of a king, others I am sure, found it refreshing.

They may have even followed his example.

In worship, in service, in study, in love of God – we should “dance” with all our hearts.

We should celebrate and embrace who we are as God’s children.

We should do this, even if others find it bothersome or even threatening.

We shouldn’t be afraid and we shouldn’t be “wallflowers” of faith.

After all, that’s just a waste.

Don’t you think?

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