The Stones Will Cry Out

Stones_Porto_DSCF0572Each year at this time, Christians are reminded of something very important. Even if our praises fade away – Creation itself will keep the song of praise going.

Jesus reminded us of this when, during his triumphal entry into Jerusalem two thousand years ago, he told his critics that even if they were silenced the very stones would cry out. They preferred these pesky Christ followers be a little quieter about their faith – just mind their own business. Jesus was quite clear that even if they were persuaded to “hush” – Creation would pick up the chorus of praise.

These days it can be unpopular to share one’s faith. We sometimes fear we might be pigeonholed into one belief system or another, or be somehow labeled, or be misunderstood, or be ridiculed.

But I think it is important – perhaps more important than ever – that Christ followers lift up their voices loud and strong – not to shout other voices down – but to simply lift up our unique song of praise and devotion.

In America right now, it seems to me that there are too many raising their voices in anger, judgement, hatred, disagreement, and disapproval.

How about if instead we simply lift our voices in loving praise and clear devotion to the life Christ calls us to live in His name? How about if we find the courage to lift up our voices calling others to love instead of hate?

Who knows, we may even hear the stones beneath our feet join in the chorus and say “Amen.”




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