It’s Time

I know, I know…it seems I say it every year…but it’s true.  I can hardly believe that Christmas is almost here.

Once again, I turn on the car radio and hear “Jingle Bell Rock.”  Once again, I see the traffic backing up into the highway, snaking it’s way into the mall parking lot.  Once again, I am thinking about gifts and mistletoe and checking the TV listings for when “The Charlie Brown Christmas” will be airing.  Most of all, I am thinking about the worship services ahead, the lighting of the candles, the music, the sermons, the holy gathering of some very good people at church.

I am thinking about the mystery, the majesty, the quiet silent night, the glorious appearance of the angelic.

Am I ready?  No.  It seems like only yesterday my congregation and I were talking about the oppressive summer heat.

But that is how it should be.

We should be surprised by the advent of our Lord.  We ought to be wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the wonder of it all.  Angels should rouse us out of our complacency, our worry, our distraction.

The miraculous should leave us speechless and in wonder every time it breaks into our lives.

So…although I can hardly believe it…ready or not…

“Come, Lord Jesus, come.”



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