A New Year’s Snow

Just a week into the new year, I find myself at the keyboard of my computer, looking out my window now and then, at the fresh snow fall.

In some ways, it’s a hassle.  No church services tomorrow, a possible glitch trying to get to the local funeral home to conduct a memorial service, a few worries about whether the power will stay on and what furniture we will need to set ablaze if it does go off.

But in other, much more important ways, it’s a blessing.

Time to slow down.  Time to breathe.  Time to read. Time to reflect.  Time to pray.

There’s not nearly enough of that kind of time available these days.

So, for now, I will breathe it all in – along with the faint, sweet aroma of the wood burning in the wood stove.  I will enjoy talking with my wife.  I will relax and pet the cats.  I will indulge in the moment – it will end too soon.

A New Year’s Snow – what a blessing in disguise.  Amen.



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2 thoughts on “A New Year’s Snow

  1. Frances Atherton January 8, 2017 — 11:42 am

    I loved this! Eerything you said was so true! And yes, this has been a wonderful time to rest and rejuenate…time well spent!
    Keep up the good work, Paul!
    PS I chuckled when I read the part about deciding which pieces of furniture to throw on the fire should the power go out!!!

  2. Thanks for the encouraging word, Frances. Happy, snowy, new year!

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