Did You Read Your Valentines?

By Elizabeth Yeamans Simrell

Did you read your valentines? I hope so, but it’s not too late if you missed them. Here are a few I received that I’ll share with you, because these were sent to you, too!

Our love grows the more we share it. Please share my love with others. I love you deeply.

I love you and I care for you. Share that love and let all that you do be done in my love.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

–Be my Valentine…
…Love me with all your heart, your mind, your soul, your strength. And love each other in my name…
…And I will be eternally yours,

Ask in love—ask me for anything—and it will be yours.
I love you,

Come follow me. Come spend your life with me. Come spend eternity with me.
I promise never to forsake you.

–Be my Valentine.
Know that I love you—it’s why I sent my son into the world to offer you grace, to die for you, to pay for your sins—so that you could be with me, forever in my loving arms.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

These are forever Valentines. If you missed them on Valentine’s Day, enjoy them now. Better yet, read the long love letters to you in your favorite Bible. Enjoy them now. Enjoy them forever. Happy Forever Valentine’s Day in Christ!



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