True Love

Go to any bookstore or card shop and you will find that lots of people have lots of ideas about “true” love.

You can find sweet poems, snarky sentiments, dark and moody reflections, and in-your-face one liners.

You can find those who will tell you love is a many splendored thing and those who insist there is no such thing.

So let me suggest you take a look somewhere else – in the Scriptures.  There you will find that “God is love” and that it is best exemplified in the sacrificial giving of God.  You will find much about grace, hope, purpose, dedication, giving, going the “second mile” and how love is intimately connected to faith and hope.  Start with Paul’s first letter to the church at Corinth – chapter 13 – to be exact.

The words may sound familiar – or seem like a foreign language – but there will be much food for thought.

Last week, as we continued working our way through the book of Genesis, we took a fresh look at a very old love story – that between Isaac and Rebekah.  We reflected on how God was at the center of that union, that prayer was a key part of it, and how it mirrors beautifully the loving union, and convenantal relationship between God and the Church.

One thing struck me right off the bat looking at that story again.

It bears no resemblance to the sometimes overly sentimental, or sometimes overly cynical, views that the world often provides on the subject of love.

Do you love someone deeply?  Then compare that love, and how it is expressed, with what Scripture says.

You may learn – as I do each time I look at the subject- that true love is one of God’s greatest gifts to us.

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